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Crocheted Monkey Tie Back

Crocheted Monkey Tie Back

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Our monkey tie-backs are unique handmade pieces that can tie back your curtains, tie to a cot, backpack, or almost anywhere. Decorate your child's room with a unique tie-back.

We can also make naked monkeys with no clothes and no bows. We also have a different style of monkey tie back that you can find on this page: Another monkey tie back

We offer a small discount when ordering these critters in pairs. Select the 'pair' option to purchase one of each. Left-facing means the critter is looking over his/her left shoulder and right is over the right shoulder. 

We have 2 colours available - dark grey or brown. If you want a different colour, make sure you mention it in the order notes. Please allow 2-3 weeks for backorders.

Tie Backs are made with safety eyes so not recommended for under 3yrs. We are happy to embroider the eyes to make them safe for all ages - please request if required. 

100% handmade crocheted monkey tie back uses 100% cotton yarn and is New Zealand made.

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The original pattern came from BBAdorables

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