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Dress-me Friends Accessories

Dress-me Friends Accessories

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We have a number of accessories available for our Dress-me Friends including outfits and fashion sets. Bedroom, Kitchen, and Picnic sets are includes as well as all the Dress-me Friends' outfits.

Please note when ordering outfits: let us know which Friend the outfit is intended for. Some items need slight adjustments to fit.

Each outfit includes:

  • Ballerina Dress: dress, knickers, and headband
  • Jumpsuit: jumpsuit, cardie, and laundry basket with pegs
  • Pants & Top: Long pants, striped top, and beanie
  • PJs: Pajamas and night cap
  • Shorts & tank: Shorts, tank, and backpack
  • Skirt & tank (sewn): Skirt, tank, and crocheted sunhat
  • Sundress: Sundress, sunhat, and handbag

Each set includes:

  • Bedroom Set: Unique quilt, matching pillow, and snuggy
  • Kitchen Set: Apron, roasting pan, leg of lamb, sausages, and carrots
  • Picnic Set: Rug, basket, cake, 2 mugs, and 2 plates

Individual friends can be found here:

Miss Bunny

Miss Fox

Mr Bear

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