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Woodland Keyrings

Woodland Keyrings

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Woodland-themed keyrings and bag rings are adorable accessories that feature various elements from the forest or woodland environment. We currently have three: kiwi, fox, and mushroom. 

  1. Kiwi Bag Ring: This kiwi design adds a touch of New Zealand's natural beauty to your accessory.

  2. Fox Keyring/Bag Ring: Foxes are common woodland animals known for their cleverness and bushy tails. These designs often evoke a sense of wilderness and charm.

  3. Mushroom Keyring: Mushrooms are a staple of the woodland floor and have a whimsical, fairytale-like quality to them. A mushroom-themed keyring adds an element of enchantment to your accessory, reminiscent of the magic often associated with the forest.

These woodland-themed keyrings and bag rings are a fun way to personalize your keys or bags while also celebrating the natural world.

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5+ Some keyrings include small parts

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