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Crocheted Teddybear Tie Backs

Crocheted Teddybear Tie Backs

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Gender & Colour

Our Teddybear tie-backs are unique handmade pieces that can tie back your curtains, tie to a cot, backpack, or almost anywhere. This bear is just one in our family of tie-backs.

Our cute teddybear girls are made with a bow on their head while the boys have a bow around their necks and you can choose any colour you like. Our default colours are ceriuse pink for the girl and baby blue for the boy. If you want a different colour just let us know - no extra charge for a colour change unless it is black.


Need a Pair? Choose one of each to have them facing each other on your curtains and we will add a $5 discount. Left-facing means the bear is looking over her left shoulder and right is over the right shoulder. 

Tie Backs are made with safety eyes so not recommended for under 3yrs. We are happy to embroider the eyes to make them safe for all ages - please request if required. 

100% handmade crocheted sloth uses 100% cotton yarn and New Zealand made.

Pattern Credit

The original pattern designed by BBAdorables with adjustments made for our boys and everyday sloths to suit.

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