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Crocheted Dragon Tie Back

Crocheted Dragon Tie Back

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Our dragon tie-backs are the cutest ever! They are unique handmade pieces that can tie back your curtains, tie to a cot, backpack, or almost anywhere. 

Our standard colours are shades of lime green with blue spikes and edgings. If you would prefer different colours, drop us a line and we will make any colour you request.

Left-facing means the dragon is looking over the left shoulder and right is over the right shoulder. Choose one of each to have them facing each other on your curtains.

Tie Backs are made with safety eyes so not recommended for under 3yrs. We are happy to embroider the eyes to make them safe for all ages - please request if required. 

100% handmade crocheted tie-backs uses 100% cotton yarn and New Zealand made.

More tie-backs coming soon!

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