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Crocheted Unicorn Tie Back

Crocheted Unicorn Tie Back

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Our unicorn tie-backs are unique handmade pieces that can tie back your curtains, tie to a cot, backpack, or almost anywhere. Take your fantasy love to the next level with a unicorn tie-back.

We offer a small discount when ordering these critters in pairs. To buy a pair, select one of each. Left-facing means the critter is looking over his/her left shoulder and right is over the right shoulder. 

Tie Backs are made with safety eyes so not recommended for under 3yrs. We are happy to embroider the eyes to make them safe for all ages - please request if required. 

100% handmade crocheted unicorn tie back uses 100% cotton yarn and is New Zealand made.

Pattern Credit

The original pattern came from BBAdorables

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